Memorable Gifts Made Easy

We’ve all heard that it’s better to give than to receive … but why not make it easy to do both? With Evite’s gifting options, the gift-giver can be sure that the guest of honor receives presents they’ll love.

Gifting Option #1: Add a Registry:

For brides-to-be and moms-to-be, Evite has partnered with The Knot & The Bump, premiere registry services. Easily add the guest of honor’s registry to free of premium events in the following categories:

  • Save-the-Date
  • Bachelorette
  • Bridal Shower
  • Engagement
  • Wedding
  • Baby Shower

Here’s how it works:


Step 1: To add a registry, click the green “Add gift registries” link at the bottom of the Event Details page, as shown here.












Gifting Option #2: Add an Amazon Wish List:

Another way a host can help guests be great gift-givers is to add Amazon Wish Lists to any free invitation. This option is available on all free invitations that are not  in the bridal or baby categories listed above. Here’s how to add your Amazon Wish List:
Birthday For Kids Wishlist

Step 1: Select the Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 8.13.10 AM button at the bottom of the Event Details section of your invitation, as shown here:












Step 2: Sign in to, or create a new account.  Amazon_com_Sign_In








Step 3: Choose an existing Amazon Wish List to add to your Evite invitation (that’s the button on the left), or create a brand new one for this event (the button on the right). Attach_Amazon_Registry







Completed Registry

BONUS: Verify you’ve added your Wish List by viewing the invitation again.

Notice that the Amazon Wish List button has been replaced by the name of the Wish List you’ve chosen to add!









Since adding the Amazon Wish List feature, we’ve seen some great uses for it including:

  • Children’s birthday parties
  • Housewarming party gift suggestions
  • Graduation gift ideas

And many more! Next time you’re sending an invitation, consider adding an Amazon Wish List for easy gift giving.

Gifting Option #3: Evite Instant Gift

Guests can now choose the perfect gift for any occasion and send it as a digital gift card via e-mail or text. As thoughtful as a present but as easy as a gift card, Evite Instant Gifts allow guests to browse curated gifts from top retailers and schedule them to arrive on the guest of honor’s big day, or send instantly, from anywhere.

There are many places that guests can access Evite’s Instant Gift center, including:

Under the “Event Conversation” area of the event:

Instant Gift On Invite


On the RSVP Section of the invitation:

Invitations__Free_eCards_and_Party_Planning_Ideas_from_Evite 2
On the RSVP Confirmation Page (premium events only):




Finally, you can access the Evite Instant Gift center directly here.

SafariScreens_Gifting (4)

Giving and receiving the right gift feels great, and we hope you use Evite’s registry integration, Amazon Wish List, and Evite Instant Gifts to ensure great presents all around!

Happy Gifting,
Team Evite