Get Their Attention with Tags and Mentions

Tag, you’re it! Now, tag or mention other guests on the invitation to get their attention. No more lost comments or loose messages… Simply attach a person to a specific comment or photo in the invitation’s Activity tab to send a notification and link back to his or her Evite profile.

To tag a guest, click on the “Tag Guests” button under the comment section in the Activity tab, and start typing the name of the guest you wish to tag. A list of names on the guest list will appear for you to select from.
Evite New Tags 1

Evite New Tags 2

Evite New Tags 3

Tagging is great for naming people in photos or when you just want to call out who else is involved in a comment you’re posting.

For mentions, type the “@” symbol in the comment field and start typing the name of the guest you wish to call out. Like with tags, a list of matching guest names from the guest list will appear for you to select from. Need to ask a host what to bring, or shout out someone for the amazing cupcakes they brought? Mention them in a comment. This way, the person you mention can respond by commenting back, and everyone else on the invitation can stay in the loop.

Tags and mentions make it easier for you to connect with other guests and take full advantage of your invitation’s feed. Plus, hit that “like” button to show some love for any post you enjoy.

Happy tagging,

Team Evite