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Stay Up to Date with Event Notifications

Never miss a moment again. Get all of your notifications in one place in Evite's new notification center, located at the top right corner of the page on a desktop experience when you are signed into your account. Just got invited to a party, or tagged in a photo? See the…

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Now, Customize Your Event Reminders

 Okay, let's face it. Sometimes your guests need a little reminder. Previously, by default, event reminders were automatically sent 2 days before the event date, but we know that timing doesn't work for every type of event, and sometimes, guests just need a last-minute reminder the night before. Now, Evite…

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Get Their Attention with Tags and Mentions

Tag, you're it! Now, tag or mention other guests on the invitation to get their attention. No more lost comments or loose messages... Simply attach a person to a specific comment or photo in the invitation's Activity tab to send a notification and link back to his or her Evite profile. To tag a guest, click…

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Free Thank You Notes! (You’re Welcome.)

It's true -- you should send a thank you note. And now, with Evite, you can for free. As a host, after your event ends, you will be sent an email with a link to free thank you notes you can send to your guests. You can write your own thank you messages; craft a general…

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