Evite Announces Top Baby Shower Trends

LOS ANGELES (May 9, 2016) – Parents-to-be across the nation are adopting new ways to give their babies a fashionable entrance. The party experts at Evite today announced the latest trends in baby showers, based on an analysis of hundreds of thousands of baby-related events planned using Evite in 2015.

While the majority of events (approximately 75%) planned in 2015 featured various general “baby shower” invitation themes, a number of emerging party trends are becoming more prevalent. Results are summarized below:

Evite Emerging Baby Shower Trends 2016

  • Baby Sprinkle (11%) – A smaller, more intimate version of a “shower” often to celebrate and register for any items the parents might need for a second or third child.
  •  Gender Reveal (8%) – A trend in which parents and guests share the excitement of learning the gender of the baby. A trusted friend (armed with a sealed doctor’s note) can help orchestrate the reveal via cutting into a cake with pink or blue frosting inside, unwrapping a box of pink or blue balloons, or busting open a piñata containing pink or blue candy.
  • Sip & See (5%) – An “open house” party for practiced parents in which friends drop by over the course of a few hours to see the new baby and sip champagne. Usually taking place a few months after the birth, it gives the parents time to rest while providing loved ones an organized time to meet the baby.
  • Man Shower/Daddy Diaper Party (1%) – Guys-only gathering to celebrate the dad-to-be, similar to a bachelor party before a wedding. Instead of gifts, guests are asked to bring a package of diapers. Often occurring at the same time as a baby shower celebrating the mom-to-be, popular man shower themes include a casual BBQ or a round of golf.
  • Co-Ed Baby Shower (less than 1%) – While still a small percentage, the trend of getting the guys involved in wedding planning is beginning to carry over to baby showers as well. Co-ed showers featuring beer-filled baby bottles for a “baby bottle drinking contest” and man-friendly foods are a top trend.

“At Evite, we care about bringing people together for memorable moments, especially new beginnings,” said Robert McDaniel, Evite’s VP of Marketing. “It’s exciting to see new ways people are using Evite in their lives, and we love being part of those celebrations.”




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