Donations Through Evite® Invitations Support Troops This Fourth of July

LOS ANGELES, June 29, 2016  — With Fourth of July on the horizon, Evite, the leading digital service bringing people together, is helping its users pay tribute to their independence by offering the option to raise funds for military organizations with a new charitable donation feature.

Using Evite Donations, powered by charitable giving platform Pledgeling:

  • Event hosts can select a nonprofit from a list of verified U.S. charities on the Evite invitation creation page, or recommend a new charity be added to the list via Pledgeling.
  • Invited guests can donate directly on the Evite invitation page.
  • Guests can give seamlessly to charities within the invite. Evite never takes a fee from donations made.

More information about Evite Donations can be found here.

Since its launch last August, Evite Donations has doubled in impact each quarter, raising money now for over 2,300 charities across various events, including unexpected ones like the Polar Circle Half Marathon.

For this 40-mile race through the arctic tundra, event host Jennifer Keller used the Evite Donations feature to spotlight Full Circle Home, a nonprofit supporting loved ones of the Armed Forces, on her Evite invitation. Keller’s guests donated $3,700 to the nonprofit directly on the Evite RSVP page.

“Being invited to donate through Evite Donations created a more intimate fundraising experience for friends and family,” said Keller, the sister of a U.S. Army Captain.

Keller’s event is just one of the over 15,000 events pledged to charity through Evite Donations thus far.

“We want our Evite events to be memorable and meaningful,” said Victor Cho, Chief Executive Officer at Evite. “We’re excited to help make this summer’s cookouts and parties about something bigger with charitable donations through Evite Donations.”